Hazel WordPress Theme

Hazel WordPress theme, basically meant for creative  purpose.  It works on two sides and is quite responsive. The settings for the customization are available in huge varieties. It provides you 14 sites that can be used at any moment.

Besides, Hazel wordpress theme  comes up with sites that can be put to use for fashion, photography, shop and for personal use as well. Layouts for header are available enough.  Another additional features of hazel wordpress theme like many theme options, page builder etc.  allow us to create great variety of layouts. the mega menu and different shortcuts makes this creative work even more easy within few minutes.

Hazel WordPress Theme Features:

A Fullscreen menu with side menu is available here in this theme with unlimited Header and Title Area Layouts built in.

Both Fixed and Sticky header as well put an creative end that are provided with video Slider and Background Sections.

It comes with Multiple Blog , Portfolio list with single layouts and Search Engine Optimization.

It is always translation ready, retina ready and for children at any time and the fonts in it are quite elegant and awesome.

Around 30+ custom shortcodes are available for easy working and 600+ Google fonts to give it a much creative touch.

Multi-news Magazine Theme

The coming of Multi-news Magazine Theme theme in the market seems the unpacking of various desired features.It works more responsively than expected and the drag and drop option makes the customization even more easier. You have a Visual composer in Multi-news Magazine Theme that helps you establish an easy to made website. Translation to whatever language you want is also an additional feature.The advertising system is quite catchy and will grab more traffic to your website. In Multi-news Magazine Theme the rating system is made available so that the users can give their feedback and others can also have an idea of what this site is all about and its growth. The menu is much large and displays maximum of the options.

Multi-news Magazine Theme Features

  • Live search from Ajax is available here in this theme that supports many icons that are available nearly 1640+ and colors as well .
  • Different types of side bars are provided that makes processing easy, each post more meaningful and attractive and easy selection of categories.
  • Templates of media are posted easily on the Media page template that includes audio, video and other such files.

Shortcodes provide in multi-news magazine theme are easy access to many features without getting deep into the advanced options and advanced category slider helps you see the category details by just sliding it.

It is SEO optimized and highly compatible found with full design integration that comes with sticky navigation option.

A search page is provided with a tabbed widget which means you can insert any widget and it will work. Besides many social apps have access to this theme.

Donation Responsive Word press Theme

This theme is basically designed for charitable purpose.It receives no profit and hence serves at it best its customers. It is connected with various churches and other donation organisations for this purpose. As it is designed for the charity means hence the best effort is put on its customization and management. The features provided here are the best suited for this website.Many options are available here. The site is unique in its own style gathering additonal features. All these features cannot be ignored by the visitors and they are surely going to visit many times to gain this networking joy.


  • It supports much responsive layout with retina that easily gets into any shape and size as you want it to be.
  • You will always find code that is well optinized and always ready to put it in use that works better with plugins of SEO.
  • It allows safe, trusted and reliable donation as it works on the same kind of network thus the donation idea is well managed using this theme.
  • Lots of shortcodes and widgets are available so that you can make the theme of your choice.
  • Theme can be translated any moment into the language of your convenience and for this purpose q translate is available.

Full screen – Photography Portfolio Theme

It comes in full screen view with the additional features that are surprises for the photography lovers and also helps in creating portfolios for those ho need it. Demo data included in it is quite sufficient. It is may be egarded as the first theme of WordPress that uses up the full screen. You will find great documentation support here in this theme. The basic feature of this theme are its  screen size as you will find some covered area under other themes. It will be fun to work with this theme as it will provide you a god performance overall.


  • Here are many color schemes available for a strong customisation with just a one-click far to edit them in making a site.
  • It is fully responsive as it supports WorPress post format as well as Youtube & Vimeo embed that are quite good.
  • You will have a variety of options when dealing with the customisation of the site including the amazing designs and lots of colors.
  • It has built in Word Press 3.9 version that is always ready to put in use by you as per your wish.
  • The Extensive documentation covers its another feature that is not easily available in many of other themes.
  • It is the theme that is trusted by many users and hence stands on ground carrying 5 Star rating.

Pyramid – portfolio for professionals and agencies w

It is a great responsive theme and captures various styles of your choice. You will have a joyous ride working on this platform with the new Pyramid theme. The Word Press plugins will cost you around $80 and with additional products it will go upto 120$. Many advance changes have been beautifully engraved on this theme.  Features like layouts with variety of options, panel containig thee options, localisation, sliders and color schemes available unlimited here in theme.Several Word press plugins are additionally available. These plugins are :

  • It comes with Visual composer for a better delight of having products introduced and a set of unique layouts will give your site a magnificent touch.
  • Layouts like boxed, single, full view, one-paged, floating etc. give the site an amazing look.
  • For additional features, the Visual composer provides a set of these that make creating the website more fun and easier.
  • Main menu of the theme is not just the menu but larger in size with various methods and settings for the changes.
  • Font styles willl be found unlimited here and the best use can be made by using the Google fonts from the website.

ENJOOY- Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This theme is a multi-purpose theme, always ready for the retina view and is best known to be used in business, shopping sites and blogs which makes it one in all with flexible uses. It has a variety of color options with different layout options built in and mixed schemes for creating a website. Switch to this theme and you will not find yourself getting puzzled in finding the suitable plugins for your site under construction.  It has access to easy customization with few options leading to maximum choices of yours.  The whole process can be finished within fraction of few minutes.


  • Much variations are found in this theme regarding the portfolios that allow you to set up different sizes and shapes of portfolios.
  • The photo galleries are quite responsive and smartly arranged so that the customization of minimum hundreds of pictures becomes easy.
  • It is fully SEO optimized that provides full support and besides the documentation and the video tutorials are good parts top display and introduce your website in a creative way.
  • It has the feature of translating as much data available on page and helps in creating parallax effects with variety of color schemes.
  • You are provided with the side navigation, multiple headers, layouts of various patterns and compatibility of 3.9 version of Word Press.

Simple Article – WordPress theme for Personal Blog

This theme is basically designed for the purpose of blogging. It has loads of features to amaze you in this blogging process. You will be provided with social platform where you can share anything  including the latest videos, songs, pictures and much more.  It supports many formats that will enable you to play the file of any sort.  4 layouts are provided that maximizes your  capacity to apply various designs that are Full thumbnail,  Column, Masonry, Medium thumbnail that can be placed anywhere on the screen of your blog.


  • It comes up with Master slider that is worth  $25 but is available for free for you with this theme.
  • Good Layers importer is a good option for those who want to use the demo before taking it for the final use and it begins with just a single click.
  • A shortcut button for the Page Building setting is placed on the theme screen and also a large set of color changing option is provided for those who look for unusual ones.
  • It supports the Youtube video section that gives you the live view as you get on the page and short codes will provide access to easy functioning on screen.

Ask Me – Responsive Questions & Answers WordPress

It comes with 3 home layouts that are comfortable enough to   be put to use and a user page is also provided . A page that displays the name of authors of the page as well as the followers of the page and the pages that you are following. It asks the follow questions and simply answers the same type of questions. It easily makes available the posts to you without much efforts. As you will open the page, the first thing you will find there is posts. Here you can easily edit your profile as well.

  • Features:
  • The page is 100% responsive and there you will find no doubt in this when you once try it by yourself. The control panel it provides you is simply awesome and works according to your need as per you want the management to be done.
  • Several header settings are mediums of great change when it comes to the appearance of the page ad it allows you to add rating to it according to what you have experienced throughout the journey with the site.
  • The question can be edited any moment by the user that gives an ease to the user to confront himself only with those questions which he wants to be asked.
  • The colors will have no bound here on this site. Several hues can be applied to give the page a unique look no matter what the content is about.
  • The rating option is another source for its advertisement to let the people know whether this site was helpful or entertaining for them to make their visit worth satisfying or not.

Arwyn – A Charming Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Arwyn is a properly planned site  basically designed for personal purpose. It is a great WordPress theme and is clean in its processing. 6 Header styles are given in it and you can get anyone from it. To add flavor to the variety of site, a set of various hues is made available.  More than 10 widgets have made  their way through this site. Nothing seems to be impossible when you are dealing with the all new Arwyn. Besides you also get access to many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  the animations have nothing to compete with in this site. For these amazing reasons one can not skip the idea of let it go when it comes to its purchase. This is the reason that the site has got more than 12,000 satisfied customers.


  • There are 3 layouts for mobiles and desktops that include 6 types of header, widgets like Instagram and much more. Easy setup and coding are the multiple features of this theme.
  • Various themes of art are made available in this theme that provide you unlimited options for the best designing of the site. Animations add to the unique appearance of the site.
  • It supports the loading that is infinite. It means many things can be run at a time that upto no limit you can stop this functioning and the animations add a creative touch to the theme.
  • The design is always retina ready and several options regarding coloring, header and layout are available here with the social networking options that will widen your experience.
  • Homepage is provided with sidebar, contacts and full screen as well that supports Javascript also with typography.

456 Ecology eCommerce Theme

It is from the WooCommerce theme network and designed for the corporate workers. The translation can be done any moment and is most compatible with WPML Multilingual CMS, Cloud Zoom and Compare Products of the Woo Commerce. These all are the plugins from WooCommerce. It is a shopping portal which is easy to sell anything online. Thus it is a multipurpose thing that serves dual purposes. It holds 1st place in the marketing industry especially for selling.


Catalog mode is the additional feature of this theme and the Visual Composer of version 4.2.3 that easily drags and drops things on the page.

Tables are made with the help of Table Manager for Visual Composer 1.0.2 and addons are also available in this version.

Ditty Twitter Ticker is loaded in it and the Slider Plugin enhances the slider response on the page.

It translates into any language with .mo, .po files and supports Multilanguage WPML.

To restore the data, Backup Buddy performs the task and also has the facility to design the skin by you.